Ride to Recovery: Helping Bert to Complete His Bicycle Tour


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On 5 October 2013, a hit-and-run driver injured a tourist from Holland named Bert (no last name given) and damaged his bicycle. Bert’s minor injuries were serious enough that he had to be taken to a hospital; in addition, his bike was so damaged that it appeared that he would not be able to complete his bicycle tour, which began in Canada, went through upstate New York, and was intended to end in Toronto, Canada. Rich Ohlson, the head of Ride to Recovery, a Christian organization, said, “If I was in a jam like that on a Sunday with no bike shops open, I would hope somebody would help me. That’s what our ministry is all about — being a servant.” Mr. Ohlson took his parts-and-tools trailer for bicycle repair to Bert’s motel. Fortunately, he had everything that was needed to repair Burt’s bicycle, including a back wheel and a luggage rack — Burt’s luggage rack was destroyed in the hit-and-run accident. Mr. Ohlson also gave Burt the gift of a Bible. Mr. Ohlson said about Burt’s bicycle tour, “As a fellow bicyclist, he’s doing what I would love to do.”

For Further Information: Howard Owens, “Sometimes Good Samaritan ride bikes.” The Batavian (Batavia, New York). 8 October 2013


For Further Information: Ride to Recovery. Facebook. Accessed 9 October 2013


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