My Little Grand Theft Auto


Ponies 2

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Imgurian KyleBrodes, aka Kyle, who lives in Kansas City, Kansas posted a sarcastic image on Imgur mock-complaining about how his friends are all playing Grand Theft Auto V but he can’t afford to buy a copy because he has to pay for things like rent and food for his two daughters. Imgurian leveebreaks saw the post and wrote in the comments, “Send me a message with an address or PO box, and I’ll ship you a copy of GTA V on the system of your choosing, Kyle.” He then added that he was doing this good deed “to say thanks for being a good father, and taking care of your family first.” The package he sent included not only the GTA V game but also some My Little Ponies for Kyle’s two daughters: Guinevere and Genevieve. After the package arrived and made him and his two daughters happy, Kyle wrote, “In all seriousness this is one of the nicest, kindest, most unbelievable random acts of kindness I have ever been a part of. Those girls have slept with those horses every night, and I have been nerding out as much as possible on GTA V (officially one of, if not THE, greatest game[s] of all time).” leveebreaks wrote, “Glad you’re enjoying the game and the girls are enjoying the ponies!”

For Further Information: KyleRhodes, “Random Imgurite sends my family presents from across the country. Unbeliveable Random Act of Kindness.” Imgur. 15 October 2013

For Further Information: leveebreaks, “Gallery comments.” Imgur. 15 October 2013

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