“When He Gets Back, I’m Getting Him His [Chicken] Nuggets”


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In October 2013, mail carrier Michael “Mickey” Wheeley noticed several small packages of medicine still in the cluster box of a resident in Graham, North Carolina. Mr. Wheeley took the man’s medicine and mail to the man’s apartment and checked up on him. Mr. Wheeley may have saved the man’s life. For three days, the man had been without medicine, food, and water. Previously, the man, who was unable to walk, had had a stroke, and he needed a caretaker. However, his caretaker had recently quit. Mr. Wheeley gave the man water and asked if he wanted something to eat. The man requested chicken nuggets. Mr. Wheeley said, “I told him I would get them and he sort of became teary eyed. He wanted something to eat and I’m sure anything would have been all right.” Mr. Wheeley called his supervisor, Carole Eckstrom. She called 911; Emergency Services took the man to the hospital. Ms. Eckstrom, a customer service supervisor at Graham, said, “It was an absolutely wonderful thing for Mickey to do. We learned that the man was in pretty bad shape and is still in the hospital, but that Mickey very well could have saved his life just by getting there when he did. I told our carriers, ‘This is what we do. We are the contact for most people we serve.’ Mickey just demonstrated that, and we’re thrilled he was able to help.” Mr. Wheeley said, “He needed some help; we got him some help. I don’t feel like I did anything anyone else wouldn’t do.” Mr. Wheeley did not get the man the chicken nuggets — not yet. Mr. Wheeley said, “When he gets back, I’m getting him his nuggets.”

Source: Chad Tucker, “Graham carrier saves man who went three days without food, medication.” WGHP (High Point, North Carolina). 16 October 2013


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