“You are My Knight in Shining Armor”



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The wife of Imgurian katoptrizo writes a short note on his napkin when she makes him a lunch to take to work. He likes the notes so much that he keeps them. Some of his favorites include these: 1) “You are my knight in shining armor. Thank you so much for everything you do.” 2) I want more naked pizza nights.” 3) “To my husband — my garage band king.” 4) “Thank you for being the man of my dreams.” 5) “Thank you for being an incredible man of God.” 6) “To my husband, you look so handsome. Today and always.” 7) To my Superman, with all of my love.” 8) “After today, only one more day of casserole!” The napkins are yellow and gray — the colors of their wedding.

Source: katoptrizo, “Notes from My Lunchbox: My wife leaves me notes when she packs my lunch, it makes me happy so I keep them.” Imgur. 17 October 2013

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