The Pizza Guy’s Deepest, Darkest Secret


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When Redditor _GO_AWAY ordered a pizza and requested that the pizza delivery guy tell his deepest, darkest secret, the pizza guy wrote this under the pizza: “Secret: My favorite album of all time is The Immaculate Collection by Madonna. I know all the words. I am straight; my girlfriend doesn’t know this yet….” (Redditor ScaredHitless commented, “I bet his girlfriend will be relieved when she finds out he’s straight.”) The pizza delivery guy is also a Redditor and was pleased to find a photograph of his note about his deepest, darkest secret on Reddit and Imgur. On Reddit, brandoninge wrote, “WOW. I am the pizza guy who wrote this on the box!!! You should all know there was a pizza saver (a plastic circular grease shield) between the pizza and the bottom of the box. This has made my week. And I will be telling my g/f when she wakes up in the morning! Edit: Yes I made the pizza as well, there were several other requests. The bottom of the box contains my drawing of Tommy Wiseau (it’s awful) and the inside top my 5 favorite bands.” Redditor Earthling1980 understandably asked, “Ok, as a pizza person, tell me … do you not just get enraged when people make these kinds of requests? It would seem not depending on the fact that you did it, but if it were me in your situation and I had five hundred pizzas to make and deliver I would absolutely seethe at this nonsense. It’s like the people saying ‘dance, monkey, dance.’ No. Just no. There is nothing acceptable about making such a request, let alone MULTIPLE!” Fortunately, brandoninge replied, “Honestly it doesn’t bother me. We are a small chain, only four stores, and don’t get these requests very often. The delivery driver will usually get a good tip out of it so I’m happy to do it. The only time I was ever disappointed was when someone requested a drawing of my favorite pokemon and they had no idea what missingno was…”

For Further Information: _GO_AWAY, “We had the pizza delivery guy tell us his deepest, darkest secret. He wrote this under the pizza.” Reddit. 20 October 2013

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