“She Says We Saved Her Life”


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On 22 August 2013, a black man kidnapped a white woman in Dallas, Texas. About an hour later, Aaron Arias, a 19-year-old Hispanic college student at Texas A&M in Texarkana, and Jamal Harris, 17, a black Seagoville high school student, noticed the woman in the back seat of a car at a stoplight in Seagoville, Dallas County, Texas. She mouthed, “Help me,” at them, and Mr. Arias made a 911 call that resulted in the woman’s rescue. Mr. Arias told a Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher, “Yes, I’m on the highway. I’m witnessing a robbery; not a robbery — a kidnapping.” He added, “It’s me and another guy, so we’re checking out the girl in the backseat because, we’re like, ‘OK, she’s kind of attractive.’” Mr. Harris said, “We finally made eye contact with her and I could see the serious expression on her face. I could read her lips and she was saying ‘Help me.’” Mr. Arrias added, “And then, all of the sudden, you know, the guy is turned back, looking at us.” In their vehicle, Mr. Arias and Mr. Harris followed the kidnapper and the woman until police, who responded quickly, rescued the woman. Mr. Arias told the dispatcher, “Thank God. You guys are awesome. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Get him! Oh, my God.” The police arrested the driver of the car in which the woman was sitting. Afterward, the two civilian heroes met the woman. Mr. Arias said, “She hugs us. I would describe it as the best hug I have ever gotten.” When he was asked if he considered himself a hero, Mr. Arias said, “She says we saved her life. I guess you could say we did. But I don’t want to be that person who says they’re a hero.”

For Further Information: Scott Gordon: “Two Teens Help Rescue Kidnapping Victim.” NBC (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas). 5 September 2013


For Further Information: LangamNews, “911 call: Tenns save kidnapped woman.” YouTube. 5 September 2013


For Further Information: Moses Gold, “Teens save kidnapped woman after ‘checking her out’ at traffic light.” YourJewishNews.com. Accessed 24 October 2013.


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