Lost and Found: A Nickel




A little girl found a nickel on a bookshelf at a public library in Plymouth, Michigan. Being an honest person, she turned in the nickel to a librarian named Heather Pacheco, who left this note at the Children’s Service Desk: : “This nickel was found in the shelves by a very honest + concerned preschool patron. I assured her we would keep it here for owner to claim.” Librarian Stacy Lorence posted a photograph of the note and nickel on Reddit. Redditor sanctum commented, “This is so good. So cute. And the interaction I imagine taking place is so so so good for developing the child’s empathy and moral compass. Please, wherever you work, recognize a child like he’s made of gold whenever he or she does something this honest and thoughtful.” Redditor srr128 commented, “I remember being five or six years old and finding a nickel on the playground. I took it to the teacher on recess duty, and she let me keep it! It was pretty much the most exciting thing ever.”

By the way, this is in case you want your Nickelback:

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB0DU4DoPP4

For Further Information: lastfantastic, “I work at a public library, and came in to this note displayed carefully at the Children’s Services Desk.” Reddit. 23 October 2013


For Further Information: Megan Griffo, “Very Concerned, Very Honest Preschooler Returns Lost Nickel To Plymouth District Library (PHOTO)” Huffington Post. 24 October 2013


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