Manny Malhotra, a Metal Detector, and a Good Deed


Source of Photograph of Manny Malhotra–nhl.html

Manny Malhotra missed most of the 2013 National Hockey League season because of a 2011 eye injury. In October 2013 he had a professional tryout contract with the Charlotte [North Carolina] Checkers of the American Hockey League and participated in a team-building outing with his fellow players at a paintball facility. Unfortunately, Checkers center Brendan Woods, an AHL rookie, lost a religious medal that his late grandfather had given to him — the Pope had blessed the religious medal. Mr. Malhotra  decided to find that medal. Paul Branecky wrote on the Checkers’ website, “Without telling Woods, Malhotra, who had known the rookie forward for a little over two weeks, bought a metal detector, drove to the paintball field and searched. When unable to find the medal, Malhotra told Woods about it, and the two returned to the field to look again on Wednesday. Together, they found it.” Mr. Malhotra has previously had Mr. Woods’ back. On October 20, Raphael Bussieres of the Iowa Wild roughed up Mr. Woods in a game. Mr. Malhotra then fought Mr. Bussieres on the ice. Mr. Woods said, “It was awesome. It shows that he’s on your side and willing to do whatever it takes for a teammate.”

For Further Information: Greg Wyshynski, “Manny Malhotra, a metal detector and a marvelous good deed for rookie.” Yahoo Sports! 24 October 2013–nhl.html

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