“I Don’t Know if You’ve Ever Had to Pick Out a Coffin for a Child. I Pray to God That Nobody Ever Has to Go Through That. It’s the Saddest Thing in the World”


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Patrick Ferris sells beer at Busch Stadium, aka “Baseball Heaven” to fans of the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis, Missouri. He enjoys his job: “I get to hang out with the Cardinals fans every day. Who wouldn’t love my job?” He worked Game 3 of the World Series on 26 October 2013 — a good night for tips. He did not keep the tips; he gave them away. Recently, the son of one of his best friends died in a house fire in Mehlville, Missouri. The day before Game 3 of the World Series, Mr. Ferris attended the funeral of seven-year-old Brian Davis, Jr. He even helped Brian’s father pick out a coffin: “I don’t know if you’ve ever had to pick out a coffin for a child. I pray to God that nobody ever has to go through that. It’s the saddest thing in the world.” Mr. Ferris set up a Facebook page on which people can donate to the Davis family, and he gave his tips from the World Series game to the Davis family. He said, “I just felt like I had to do something. I kept trying to call Brian [the father] … and I’m like, ‘Is there anything I can do?’ He can’t even talk right now. He still, to this day, can’t even get a word out. He’s like, ‘There’s nothing anyone can do.’ After crying for two days, myself, I just put that thing on Facebook. The only thing I could think of to do was to ask Cardinals nation for help.” He also made buttons that showed Brian, Jr., wearing a Cardinals baseball cap depicting Fredbird, the Cardinals’ mascot. Mr. Ferris said, “He was the kindest little boy you could ever imagine. Every single person that has met this little boy, he has touched their hearts. He was a huge Cardinals fan. Look at the pin. Brian, his dad, still is a huge Cardinals fan. We were born and bred. We have no choice. That’s how we were born and raised. We’re all diehard Cardinals fans. I’m hoping for a million bucks, but I’d be happy with $1,000.  My main goal in all of this is that little Brian will not be forgotten. I want him to go down as the biggest Cardinals fan in history.” At least one other vendor donated his tips from Game 3 to the Davis family. Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright said about Mr. Ferris, “He’s a man who’s probably not gifted with glorious riches like a lot of other people in the world are. To give his extra, to give his meal money away, to help another man’s family out … it’s admirable and he’s obviously a great man to do that. We are proud of him. That’s carrying on the Cardinal tradition, isn’t it? Giving to those in need. Sometimes, when you think everything is as bad as it can get, you see other people having it a lot worse than you.” Mr. Ferris has children: 11-year-old Patrick and two-year-old Kaleigh. He said, “I was crying about it like a little baby. I called off work that night at the pizzeria, and I spent the night with my children, hugging them over and over. They probably thought I was crazy. We went over a lot of fire safety issues, like, ‘How to get out of the house if a fire happened.’ It was crazy.” He added, “I don’t care if I had $100 billion dollars, I would not give up one of my kids.”

For Further Information: David Brown, “Cardinals beer vendor donates tips to help family of St. Louis boy killed in fire.” Yahoo Sports. 26 October 2013


For Further Information: Pat the Beer Man. Face. Accessed 28 October 2013. 


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