“I Showed the Lady at the Dry Cleaner. I like, Oh My God, Look at This and She like Ooooh!”

On 26 October 2013, Shawn Freeman rented a tuxedo from Masquerade Costumes and Tuxedo Rental in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, so he could go as a Day of the Dead guy to a friend’s Halloween party. After he returned the tuxedo, however, he discovered that he had lost or misplaced some money. Realizing that it was probably in a pocket of the tuxedo, he called Masquerade Costumes. Christina Nguyen, the owner of Masquerade Costumes, had just dropped off the dry cleaning. She ran to Master Cleaners (just down the street) and searched the tuxedo pants that Mr. Freeman had been wearing. Ms. Nguyen said, “When I reach in the back and I feel it, I take it out and I was like, I showed the lady at the dry cleaner. I like, oh my God, look at this and she like ooooh!” Ms. Nguyen had found over $1,200. (Mr. Freeman owns a military surplus business and likes to pay for things in cash.) Mr. Freeman said, “I didn’t fully expect it all to be there, but it was there.” Ms. Nguyen said, “He’s my customer and I think that might belong to him so I think I’m responsible to find it for him.” Mr. Freeman said, “You would never think that somebody would be kind enough to return it and be that honest. Ms. Nguyen said that she and her husband work hard to ensure that they have a good reputation. She said, “I feel good, yeah, because we found it and he happy, so we happy.”

For Further Information: Sarah Stewart, “Good Samaritan returns cash left in costume pocket.” KFOR (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma). 28 October 2013


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