“I was Totally Perplexed and Surprised that People Could Carry Around So Much Cash and Then Forget It”

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On 27 October 2013, Thomas Güntner, a taxi driver in Würzburg, Germany, found a cloth bag in his taxi after he had driven an elderly couple from a bank to their home. Inside the bag was €250,000 ($342,325 USAmerican) in €500 notes. He said, “I was totally perplexed and surprised that people could carry around so much cash and then forget it.” He said that losing so much money “would probably be the downfall of the old couple.” Thirty minutes after finding the money, he was at the old couple’s house. The old woman said about the return of the money, “I’m still shocked.” Mr. Güntner said, “She was as white as a sheet and told me that I saved her life.” Mr. Güntner declined a reward, but he did accept €12.30, which was the price of the fare to the old couple’s house.

For Further Information: “Taxi driver returns €250,000 to passengers.” The Local (Germany). 30 October 2013


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