“I Woke Him Up and Said, ‘You’re Going to Kill Somebody.’ He was Out of It”

On 28 June 2013, a boat made donuts at Arcadia Lake in Edmond, Oklahoma. The driver of the boat was unconscious. Other boaters tried to wake up and communicate with the man, but they were unsuccessful. Witness Paige Jenkins said, “A lot of people were screaming, ‘Wake up.’ He’s knocked out.” Ernie and Paige Jenkins positioned their pontoon boat for a closer look. Ernie Paige said, “I see him heading toward the beach with kids. I said, “Paige, you need to drive. I’m jumping in this boat. We are stopping this boat.” Ernie had a sore back, and Paige had never before driven the pontoon boat. Ernie Paige said, “I jumped from right here. The leap of faith spot we call it.” He stopped the boat, which was then heading toward a swimming area in which were families. He said about the unconscious man, “I woke him up and said, ‘You’re going to kill somebody.’ He was out of it.” Edmond Lake Patrol Officer Bervis Littles said, “I obviously see there was alcohol on the boat, and I asked the driver, ‘How much have you had to drink today?’ His reply was ‘I’ve had quite a bit, but I wasn’t driving.’ And he pointed to the guy who jumped on the boat and shut it down.” The man who had been unconscious was arrested for boating under the influence. Paige Jenkins said, “Fortunately for us, God was with us that day and we made it.”

For Further Information: Lance West, “Good samaritan takes ‘leap of faith’ to stop out-of-control boat.” KFOR (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma). 3 July 2013


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