“Because We’re Friends”

In October 2013, yasi was standing in the check-out line at Trader’s Joe’s when a heavily-accented, older woman behind her asked her to watch her basket for a moment — she had forgotten to get something and wanted to go and get it. yasi looked in the basket and saw several boxes of mocha ice cream. When the older woman came back, yasi said that she liked mocha ice cream, too. The older woman explained that she had tried it for her first time with a friend that day and had really liked it, so she bought a lot of it. After yasi had paid for her frozen lasagna, the older woman asked her to wait outside for her. yasi did, and the older woman gave her a box of mocha ice cream, saying, “This is for you, for being my friend! Thank you for being so kind.” yasi tried to decline, but the woman insisted that she take the ice cream “because we’re friends.” yasi wrote on Reddit, “I feel guilty, but her kindness meant the world to me. I’ve been having an incredibly hard week and I wasn’t planning to leave the house at all, but I’m so happy I did. I can’t describe how incredibly thankful I am for her friendship — even if it was only a few, fleeting moments.”

Source: yasi, “Because we’re friends.” Reddit. October 2013


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