“I Know How It Feels. That’s Why I’m Nice to Other People”


Source of Screenshot of Atticus Seng with His New Bike: 


In October 2013, Atticus Seng, age nine, received a special gift from the student body of Fresno High School in Fresno, California. The high school students had learned that Atticus’ bicycle had been stolen — it was actually the second bicycle of his that had been stolen. As a good deed, the high school students went from classroom to classroom collecting money to buy a new bicycle to replace the one that had been stolen. They surprised Atticus with the gift at his school: Dailey Elementary Charter School. Atticus said, “I almost cried — I really did. I was like my bike is here and I just didn’t know what to do, I was very excited.” The new bike is a $360 mountain bike. Atticus’ father, Jeremy, said, “It was very touching.  I think it’s something that will last with him for a long time and hopefully inspire him to help out other people’s lives as well.” Atticus said, “They saved their money just for me. I’m just really happy and excited.” The Sengs matched the price of the bike and donated it to Off the Front, a charity that gives bicycles to underprivileged children in Fresno. Atticus, who has experienced both bad deeds and good deeds, said, “I know how it feels. That’s why I’m nice to other people.”

Source: Anthony Pura, “Fresno High students replace boy’s bike that was stolen twice.” KFSN (Fresno, California). 25 October 2013


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