“Love You, Dad”


Source: I_Am_Ziggy, “Love You, Dad.” Imgur. 17 November 2013


In November 2013, Redditor I_Am_Ziggy made a Good Guy Greg meme to post on Imgur about his father. The text on the meme — titled “Love You, Dad” — stated, “DRIVES 3 HOURS TO HELP ME FIX MY CAR, CAN’T FIX IT THAT NIGHT / STAYS THE NIGHT AND SPENDS 6 HOURS AND 300 DOLLARS WORKING ON IT THE NEXT DAY. DOESN’T LEAVE TIL IT RUNS.” On Reddit I_Am_Ziggy added, “I should have added this was all spur of the moment. He dropped what he was doing and was on the road 15 minutes later. I called him and had a mini freakout since I need my car to get to class and I have a couple job interviews next week. All he said was ‘I’ll leave soon and call you when I get into town.’” Another Redditor commented, “I remember the first time I took the reins working on my truck with my dad. I could tell that he was so proud that I could finally just tell him to hold the flashlight. But I could also tell that in a way it definitely bummed him out that I didn’t need his help anymore, because working on that truck was our only way of bonding through my teen years (so it means a lot to the both of us). So now I make sure to have him around if I’m working on it and to ask a lot of questions, even if I understand exactly what needs to be done.”

Source: I_Am_Ziggy, “Love You, Dad.” Reddit. 17 November 2013


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