Team Rocket – “Double-Trouble” cosplay team R&R
 (Rei-Doll and Ryoko-Demon et al.)

To see the video, click the link below.

Team Rocket – “Double-Trouble” cosplay

This is our video-cosplay dedicated to Pokemon’s Team Rocket. 
We are cosplay team R&R

Jessie – Ryoko ‪

James – Rei ‪

All the costumes and wigs you see hear we made ourselves. You can visit our facebook page here ‪





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Source: Ryoko-demon, “We’ll be the richest.” Accessed 30 April 2015

You can download this photo here:

© Any using of the photography for commercial purposes and photo-manipulations are strictly prohibited. Reposting is allowed, provided credits and links.
© Использование фотографии в коммерческих целях и любые фотоманипуляции запрещены. Перепост разрешён при условии указания авторства и ссылок.

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