Good Guy Neighbor


Source of Photograph: enapes7, “Good guy neighbor!” Imgur. 18 November 2013

On 18 November 2013, Redditor enapes7 posted a photo on Imgur of a container of Apology Rice and Apology Curry and an apology letter. This is the letter:

“Hi, there,

“I’m really sorry I was keeping you up last night. I didn’t realize that our kitchen was adjacent to your bedroom (although I probably should have figured that out since I used to live in one of the 3-bedroom units in this complex).

“Being a vet-in-training, no doubt you have a Monday exam, or a morning rotation, or some other ultra-important thing that you have been preparing for. I, on the other hand, am just an idiot playing Arcade Fire out loud while cooking.

“As an addendum to this apology, if you like, you can have some of the curry I was cooking whilst keeping you awake. You’ll rest easier with a decent dinner, and I’ll rest easier knowing that I in some way contributed to you resting easier — it’s a win-win!!

“Feel free to knock and I’ll have some set aside in the fridge so that either me or my roomie can hand it off.

“Apologies again,

“—Ken, the sorry guy

“P.S. I’m really hoping you aren’t vegetarian because there is definitely some chicken in the curry and that would be awkward L”

By the way, Xsnulz commented, “Awesome neighbor AND listens to Arcade Fire? You’ve got a keeper there.”

For Further Information: enapes7, “Good guy neighbor!” Reddit. 18 November 2013

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