Driver Education Sometimes Goes Very Badly Wrong, But at Least One Teacher Did the Right Thing

Sometimes, schools try to teach teens not to text and drive or not to drink and drive by showing them photographs or videos of horrible accidents. Sometimes, this backfires in a major way because a student relives the death of a friend or relative who is depicted in the photographs or video.

On Reddit, earthtokylie wrote, “We actually had an assembly in high school that had a slideshow of horrific car crashes to dissuade teens from driving drunk. Kids in the audience were passing out and throwing up left and right. Some were like sobbing because of past experiences. It was horrific.”

Eraser34 responded to to earthtokylie, “Yeah ours too, except there was a fireworks blast at the end of a video with kids trapped in a car on fire. I remember someone running out of the room as a picture of her dad or uncle was shown without her knowing beforehand.”

Viperbunny responded to Eraser34, “That is horrible. I get trying to scare kids, but that is not right to do to someone. A girl was killed by a drunk driver my last year of middle school. In high school, some group used her story to dissuade people from drunk driving. This was at a private school, but most of her friends attended said school, and this is the school the girl most likely would have attended (small town, not a great school system). It was like it happened all over again. It was a horrible thing to do and whoever scheduled it should have known better. I was in her group of friends when it happened (we were more acquaintances than friends) and I attended her funeral. The whole thing made me sick. It was required and no one was supposed to leave during it, but one teacher, who lives in the town, took some of the people who were sobbing out and let them call home for a ride. The administration tried to stop her and she told them to stuff it. She really was a good person. There is a line and when it’s crossed it does more damage than good.”

El_karacho added, “My best friend lost his sister in an accident when they were extremely young. He was the only one who didn’t lose consciousness and watched his sister die. He tenses up and gets skittish when there’s even fender benders on the side of the road. Those ‘WORLD’S WILDEST CAR CRASHES’ videos send him into a panic. If they had that kind of assembly and he was there I can’t imagine the sh[*]t storm he would rain upon whatever f[*]cked up mind thought that was a good idea.”

For Further Information: earthtokylie, “Crime Scene Photographers, what is the worst thing you have had to photograph?” Reddit. 19 November 2013

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