$223,600 in Cash Lost, Found, and Returned


In November 2013, probation officer Jessica Luebke found a plastic bag containing bundles of $20 and $100 bills — a total of $223,600 in cash — near the curb on Scotsdale Drive in Harvey, Louisiana. Ms. Luebke and supervisor Kewana Ceasor secured the money until deputies from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrived. An armored car also arrived; the guards were looking for a missing bag of money that it had been transporting from the Boomtown Casino in Harvey. The police returned the money to its rightful owner. Louisiana Department of Corrections District Administrator Jon Reeves is happy that Ms. Luebke found the bag of money: “It would have caused a lot of trouble if somebody else had found it.” 

For Further Information: Michelle Hunter, “$223,600 from Boomtown Casino dropped by armored car in Harvey is returned by probation officer.” The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). NOLA.com. 20 November 2013


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