Metalheads are the Nicest People


On 21 November 2013, Imgurian mooncalled619 posted a photograph of music fans raising their hands with the index and pinkie fingers making the sign of the devil’s horns. The words that accompanied the photograph stated, “Just came from a Korn and Rob Zombie concert. These are the nicest people.” Lots of people wrote comments agreeing with mooncalled619:

• WeAreMadeOfStarDust wrote, “Yeah. A lens came out of my boyfriend’s glasses at Metalfest and people were helping to find it. Concerts just rule. :D”

• meismanator wrote, “The glasses thing happened to me too! Of all the concerts I’ve been to, these guys have ALWAYS been the best.”

• MikePowski wrote, “Went to a GWAR show a few years ago and three of the most dangerous looking mofos cleared a path to the front for a guy in a wheelchair.”

• sibidahey wrote, “But yes … as a huge KoRn fan this is so true. I lost count of how many people in wheelchairs were crowd surfing.”

• MuDerMooSe commented, “I once saw a man at a show who was pretty much a Viking. 6.5 ft tall at least, long blonde hair, a majestic braided beard, and a kilt. I half expected him to pull a battle ax from somewhere. Spoke to him and he was the most polite person I have encountered at a concert.”

• Plax wrote, “This guy somehow lost his wallet at a System concert and it was returned in like 5mins. Word spread like wild fire and it was amazing.”

• BazkieBumercar commented, “I once came to a Cannibal Corpse concert wearing happy bright clothing while almost everyone [else] was wearing black. Nobody bullied me about it!”

• Last one, and on a somewhat different topic: GrowliePants wrote, “Mom was in the car while I was listening to Rob Zombie. She sheepishly rolled down the window and shot me a funny look. I asked her what she was doing and she said, ‘It sounds angry, so I’m letting some of it out of the car.’ My mom is hilarious.”

Source of Screenshot and Text: mooncalled619, “Just came from a Korn and Rob Zombie concert.” Imgur. 21 November 2013

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