“I Have the Perfect Dress”

On 17 November 2013, La Trease Thompson’s minivan was stolen. Inside the minivan was her wedding dress. Ms. Thompson said, “The whole dress was cream, but it had the lavender colors and it had the train that I wanted. It was perfect and now I don’t have it.” Her daughter noticed that the minivan was missing. Ms. Thompson said, “She went to the bathroom and came and said, ‘Momma, y’all van gone.’” The wedding programs and decorations were also in the minivan. Ms. Thompson said, “I have cried all morning. I went to church and was like God got our back.” Her fiancé, Thomas, said, “We forgive him, we pray for him, we just hope he turns his life around.” Fortunately, many people saw a news report of the theft on WREG (Memphis, Tennessee) television, and some of them offered to let Ms. Thompson wear one of their dresses. Viewer Kathy Hearn had a dress just like the one that was stolen: It was a perfect fit. Ms. Hearn said, “It was in closet, it wasn’t doing anything. She [Ms. Thompson] said lavender and I said, ‘I have the perfect dress.’” Ms. Hearn and the other people who showed up to help were invited to the wedding.

For Further Information: Wayne Carter, “Bride-To-Be’s Wedding Dress Disaster Gets Uplifting Twist.” WREG (Memphis, Tennessee). 21 November 2013


For Further Information: Wayne Carter, “Bride-To-Be’s Minivan Stolen With Wedding Dress Still Inside.” WREG (Memphis, Tennessee). 18 November 2013


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