“I am Absolutely Overwhelmed by Your Kindness and Generosity in Response to My Plea for Someone to Visit My Father’s Grave”


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In November 2013, Jessie Kuehl, who lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, wanted to visit her father’s grave in Elmwood Cemetery in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, but she could not get the money to go. Her father, Frederick Kinsilla, had died on 5 November 1973. Therefore, she placed an ad on Kijiji, a Canadian classifieds website, and requested that people visit her father’s grave. Dozens of people responded; some placed flowers on her father’s grave. Ms. Kuehl said, “I was only 13 when my dad passed away. The anniversary made me feel bad because I’m the age now he was when he died. I just felt so awful. It had been so long since anybody had been to visit him and I thought, ‘Maybe I can find one person.’” Jon Fagan, age 18, was one of the many people who visited her father’s grave. He said, “There’s no reason why I shouldn’t just reply to this person’s ad and do this for them.” Ms. Kuehl said, “Oh, it makes me feel wonderful.  I cried at some of the emails I got. How many people were out there? Busy people, like new mommy Amy mailed me and she’s a new mom. And here she is taking the time to make the trek to a cemetery to visit a complete stranger. How wonderful is that?” She added, “Thank you again to Moncton. What a wonderful city.” On 13 November 2013, she also took out another ad on Kijiji to say, “I am absolutely overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity in response to my plea for someone to visit my father’s grave. What a wonderful bunch of people you are! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

For Further Information: “Moncton answers Ontario woman’s plea to visit dad’s grave.” CBC News. 22 November 2013


For Further Information: Jessie Kuehl, Kijiji ad ID 543175618. 13 November 2013



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