“What is Your Best Experience with a Stranger Who You Never Saw Again in Your Life?”

On 24 November 2013, Redditor vpatel11 asked, “What is your best experience with a stranger who you never saw again in your life?” As usual, Redditors had some good answers (lightly edited):

1) MattDemp wrote, “Last year, on my birthday I decided to treat myself and stop and grab some coffee before school. I ordered my coffee, but before they could get the next customer’s order they told me [that my card was declined]. F[**]k. I try again but to no avail. Now my drink is ready and I can’t pay, and a line is forming. I didn’t know what to do. Then the guy behind me paid for my drink. I tried to decline, but he insisted. It didn’t seem like much of a big deal to him, but it really made my birthday.”

2) ohthesarcasm wrote, “When I first moved to Boston, I wasn’t familiar with the transportation system or the fact that it closed down at 12:30. I was hanging out with a coworker I barely knew and some people I had met that night when I realized I had missed the last bus back to my house. I tried to get a cab but they told me they wouldn’t go to my neighborhood at that time of night. My coworker/acquaintances decided to get on a bus and, not wanting to be alone, I got on too even though it was going nowhere near my house. The people I was with offered to let me crash with them, but I didn’t really know them so I wasn’t totally comfortable doing that. At this point the bus driver had overheard and asked where I live. After I tell him, he let me know that the depot for the bus is one stop up from my house and that he could drop me off there if I want (a 25ish minute walk). I thanked him profusely and he drove me there. But by then it’s pouring rain. And it’s 2am. And I have to walk down a really sh[*]tty street. So the bus driver drives me home in his own car. In a completely opposite direction from his own house. I’ll never forget how amazing it was that someone would be so kind to a complete stranger.”

3) BarrogaPoga wrote, “The best: while waiting for a bus in the winter, it was bitterly cold that day. The wind chill was about zero. I was bundled up, but freezing and the bus was late. I was going to be late for class. An old man pulls up in his car and asks me if I’m going to the university. I said yes and he asked if I wanted a ride. I should have said no, but I was freezing. I got in and he drove me to class. Turns out he was a professor and lived down the street from me. He was terribly sweet, and I appreciated the warm car ride.”

4) Hotmexicanez wrote, “I was waiting in a train station in South Auckland (a bad place in my country of New Zealand) at around 10 at night and our train’s system force us to pre-purchase tickets at vendors. So me being a skinny white 16-year-old pulls out his wallet full of change to buy my ticket with a train station full of homeless and druggies. I grab my ticket and sit down as far away from everyone as possible to avoid trouble … but as I’m reading a book these two fairly large Maori guys walk up to me demanding my cash THEN from out of nowhere this man runs up to us, gets between me and the guys and shouts, ‘NO, NOT TODAY, WALK AWAY’. This man then sits with me and makes sure nothing else happens and as my train comes, he sees me off my way.”

5) Username1930 wrote, “I’m a female, I was sitting at a train station next to a girl who looked rather sporty, I noticed she was writing something but didn’t pay any more attention. Fast forward half an hour she gets up, hands me a note and walks off. Of course, I wait until she’d left to read it being wary of the content, but she had written ‘You’re really beautiful, don’t know if you’re interested but here’s my number’ followed by her phone number and several naughts and crosses. I never messaged her because I’m shy, but I carried her note in my wallet for several years. It was a brilliant pick me up when I felt like sh[*]t.”

Source: vpatel11, “What is your best experience with a stranger who you never saw again in your life?” Reddit. 24 November 2013


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