A Motorcycle Crash and Some Good Samaritans

Source: Conan UK, “Bike Crashes on Roundabout.” YouTube. 24 November 2013


Had just finished paintballing and was on my way home, first roundabout I go on and I feel the back wheel kick out and before I have time to react it kicks out again and let’s go. I end up sliding across the floor.

I cannot thank the people who helped me enough. Considering some people just drove past me lying on the floor. Had a rapid response unit check me over and I saw another bike nearly lowside as well. 

The paramedic said this roundabout always had diesel on it as there is a big petrol station down the road. Then had to do a 40 minute ride home after the crash. My local dealership fixed my forks and brakes for free. 

Watching this again I could have gone slower and had less lean angle. But that is easy to say watching it on repeat and with slow motion.

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