Teachers are Awesome


Source: Balin453, “She was my favorite teacher [even] before this.” Livememe.com. 30 November 2013


On 30 November 2013, Redditor Balin453 created a Good Girl Gina meme captioned, “She was my favorite teacher [even] before this.” The meme stated, “HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH TEACHER KNEW I DIDN’T HAVE MUCH MONEY GROWING UP / SECRETLY GAVE ME $5 DOLLARS BEFORE A FIELD TRIP SO I COULD EAT WITH THE OTHER KIDS.” Many Redditors made comments about how great teachers are, and some Redditors who are teachers confirmed that they have used their own money to help their students:

1) Eightdaysago wrote, “I’ve spent a large amount of money this school year alone. Sometimes you get parents who are appreciative of it as well. A set of students stood out a few years ago. Their mother had passed, no father [was] in the picture, and they lived with a grandmother who had practically no money. Anyway the kids did not have winter coats, so my wife and I bought them expensive coats from a local store. I noticed a few weeks later, the kids were wearing different, cheaper, flimsy-looking neon windbreaker coats. The grandmother had taken the coats my wife and I bought to the store and exchanged them for store credit so she could buy groceries and $12 coats. I had spent almost $250 on three coats. I was a little mad at first but realized she was just trying to help her family. We ended up buying winter coats for the kids again at a different store, but I removed the tags the second time.”

2) Weibe wrote, “In grade 4 we got those Scholastic book order flyers. I usually saved up some allowance to order a book from it every now and then. Little did I know that the listed price wasn’t the final price as there was a delivery fee + taxes which usually ended up adding about 3-4$ to the price and she never said anything to me. It wasn’t until I was looking through my brother’s Scholastics flyer a couple of years ago [that] I realized that my teacher paid the extra amount every time I ordered books. Definitely brought a few tears to my eyes. Teachers are awesome.” [Note, Weibe lives in Ontario, Canada; the United States does not have a delivery fee + taxes added to the purchase price of Scholastic books.]

3) S2kDriver wrote, “My family wasn’t well off when I was growing up. One year in elementary school we went on a field trip to a local zoo. Most of the other kids had money to buy snacks, souvenirs, etc. I had a bag lunch my mom had made me. When we were all boarding the bus to go back to school, all of the kids were talking and showing off what they had bought. I was staring out the window trying not to be jealous when a teacher asked quite loudly who had dropped their stuffed animal by the bus door. When nobody answered, she came by and said to me, ‘It must be yours’. I tried to tell her that it wasn’t mine, but she just ignored me and walked away. It really made me feel a whole lot better.”

For Further Information: Balin453, “She was my favorite teacher [even] before this.” Reddit. 30 November 2013


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