Check Out the Cosplay and Other Art of Khainsaw, aka Kama of the United States


Source: Khainsaw, “Mugshot: Vriska Serket.” Deviantart. Accessed 2 December 2013

“So I went to my first convention on Friday, the Phoenix Comicon, and I had a lot of fun. Met some pretty cool people, got my book signed by Hussie, etc, etc. Next year I’m going to go the whole weekend though.  Anyways, my friend took this pic with my camera. Its my first official cosplay ever! It was the end of the day and I was pretty tired so I didnt know what to do with my face. It was surprising to me how well the makeup stayed on all day. This was even after I shoved my face full of pizza. I used snazaroo body paint in case you were wondering. I chose to cosplay Vriska because I am extremely broke at the moment, and I already had all of the clothes and the shoes that I needed. Also, so I didnt have to use a wig. I only had to get a bunch of makeup, fangs, and make the horns! The contacts, I ordered them for my Wonder Woman costume Im going to do in the fall, but they happened to be in my mailbox the morning of the convention so I was really excited. Vriska is my favorite troll, so even if I was loaded last month I probably would have still chosen her anyways! I’ll post more pics later.”


Source: Khainsaw, Cosplay Pic on Tumblr. Tumblr. Accessed 2 December 2013


Check Out the Cosplay and Other Art of Khainsaw, aka Kama of the United States

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