Police Donate Money to Elderly Burglary Victim

On 5 November 2013, the son of an elderly man telephoned the police in Croyden (south London, England, UK) to tell them that his father’s home had been burgled and the burglars had taken his father’s life savings: almost £3,000. Detective Sergeant Andy Pike appealed to his colleagues to collect money to give to the elderly man so that some of his money could be replaced. They raised about £750, which Detective Sergeant Pike delivered to the elderly man. Because the elderly man’s birthday was November 11, Police Constable Helen Espinosa baked a birthday cake for him. She, Police Constable Zoe Garrod, and Police Community Support Officer Tracey Isaac visited the elderly man and gave him the cake. Detective Sergeant Pike said, “When we heard about this crime and the fact the victim had lost what amounted to what was his life savings, we felt we had to do something. The victim and his son have been great and were visibly touched when we went round with the money today, but it will hopefully make a big difference to their quality of life over the winter and help them to enjoy Christmas as well.”

For Further Information: Andrew Bloss, “Police dip into pockets for elderly man who had life savings stolen.” The Croyden Guardian (South London, England, UK). 22 November 2013


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