“These are Beautiful”

In November 2013, a police officer — no one caught his name — noticed that a little first-grade girl in Croton Elementary School in Melbourne, Florida, needed a new pair of shoes. School bookkeeper Renee Carr stated, “He said he saw her walking by and the front of her shoes were flapping in the breeze; they were just split open in the front.” The little girl was wearing her brother’s socks, which had holes in the toes. The police officer said, “I think you need a new pair of shoes. What size are you?” Staff members at the school looked for shoes in that size, but they were unable to find any. Ms. Carr said, “A lot of times we’ll get donations of shoes, but we didn’t have any in that size.” Meanwhile, the police officer left the school, then returned, carrying a Walmart bag, inside of which were two pairs of shoes: one fuchsia (purplish red) and the other bright orange. The bag also contained socks to match. Ms. Carr said about the little girl, “She was just in heaven.” The little girl hugged the police officer and said about the gifts, “These are beautiful.”

For Further Information: Stacey Barchenger, “Melbourne police officer delivers ‘beautiful’ surprise for young student.” Florida Today. 25 November 2013


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