Do Something Loving, Caring, and Unexpected for Someone Else, and Let Them Know that They Matter



In early November 2013, Andrea Martin, age 22, was working as a cashier in Elgin, South Carolina, when a woman with a small boy went to her checkout lane carrying a pair of children’s shoes and some women’s socks. Unfortunately, the woman did not have enough money to pay for all the items and so she asked that the women’s socks be put back. Ms. Martin had noticed the two earlier when they entered the store: “When she came in, she put her son in the buggy because he didn’t have shoes on.” Ms. Martin did not put the women’s socks back. She said, “I paid the rest of it for her, and she was about to cry.” Ms. Martin is a member of Columbia, South Carolina’s Radiate Church, which Pastor Brandon Goff founded in 2011. Radiate Church encourages random acts of kindness by its members as part of an outreach called “You Matter.” The church’s website ( describes the purpose of the outreach in this way: “As followers of Jesus we want to make a difference. Not by disagreeing, arguing, or forcing our beliefs … by loving people! So we’ve started the YOU MATTER movement! Join the movement by simply doing something loving, caring, and unexpected for someone else, and letting them know that they matter!”

For Further Information: Carolyn Click, “From ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ to year-long altruism.” The State (South Carolina). 1 December 2013

For Further Information: Radiant Church. “You Matter.” Accessed 4 December 2013!you-matter/c15k2

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