“When You’re So Down and You Have Something Like That to Bring You Back Up, Just Like That, It was Just a Beautiful Thing He Did”



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On the eve of Thanksgiving in 2013, the insurance company of Frank Costantini, a 76-year-old who is battling stage-four gastric cancer in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, denied coverage for his daily pain medication — something he and his wife, Elisa, who have been married for 55 years, discovered when they went to Broomall Rite Aid in Broomall, Pennsylvania, to get his prescription filled. Pharmacist Kevin Leszega delivered the bad news. He said, “She was so upset and with very good reason. I felt absolutely horrible.” The Costantinis did not think that they had the money to pay to have the prescription filled. Elisa Costantini stated, “I said, ‘You have to give me medication because my husband is in pain.’” Together, Mr. Leszega and Elisa Costantini were able to get Frank Costantini enough pain medication to get him through the holiday. Mr. Leszega applied a discount card to the prescription to save the Costantinis money, and then he went above and beyond that. Elisa Costantini said, “I went to get money, and he got his own credit card, swiped [it,] and he paid for everything.” Fortunately, Elisa Costantini discovered that she had enough money to pay for the discounted prescription, so she left the money on the pharmacy counter. The Costantinis appreciate Mr. Leszega’s kind gesture. Elisa Costantini said, “When you’re so down and you have something like that to bring you back up, just like that, it was just a beautiful thing he did.” Mr. Leszega said, “I figured that would cheer them up and give them something to talk about.”

For Further Information: “Random Act Of Kindness Helps Man Battling Cancer.” Myfoxphilly.com. 2 December 2013; updated 3 December 2013


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