Your Friendly Children’s Hospital Window Washers



In February 2013, window washers needed to clean the outsides of the windows of the multi-story Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Knowing that ill children would be able to see them, they dressed up as Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, and Superman. The organizer of the event was Edward Matuizek, the president of Allegheny Window Cleaning, whose company motto is ‘The sky is the limit.’” Mr. Matuizek said, “All the guys had tears of joy in their eyes behind the costumes — it was very touching and overwhelming how excited the children were.” The experienced high-rise window washers wore safety harnesses as they cleaned windows on the 12th floor and lower. Allegheny’s office manager Michelle Matuizek, Edward Matuizek’s wife, had learned about a similar event in the United Kingdom, and she suggested that Allegheny Window Cleaning do the same thing. For the two-hour job, the company spent $800 on ‘Broadway-quality’ costumes.

For Further Information: Becky Evans, “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a window cleaner! Grime fighters dress up as superheroes to cheer up patients at a children’s hospital.” Daily Mail (UK). 11 February 2013

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