“I’m Like, ‘Come On.’ She Goes, ‘No, I’m Serious.’ ‘Shut Up!’ ‘No, Really!’”


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In December 2013, a Layaway Angel helped Danielle Dubois, a single mother of three sons in Torrington, Connecticut, by paying for an over-$100 Lego city police set for her 10-year-old son, Aydyn. Ms. Dubois said, “Christmas is hard for anybody, doesn’t matter what your circumstances.” She had put the Lego set on layaway shortly before Thanksgiving and had made small payments on it. Then she received a telephone call from Walmart: “‘Hi, this is so and so from Walmart,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, I haven’t paid in a couple of weeks. They’re calling to remind me.” Instead, Ms. Dubois learned that a Layaway Angel had paid for the Lego set. Dubois said, “I’m like, ‘Come on.’ She goes, ‘No, I’m serious.’ ‘Shut up!’ ‘No, really!’” The gift came at a good time for Ms. Dubois because her mother had passed away a few months previously; the gift helped her regain her holiday spirit. Ms. Dubois said, “Losing my mom four months ago, everything’s been a little bit bland and sad. You wonder what she’s doing, and you remember how it was last year.” She added about the gift, “It brought the special back a little bit. And we needed that. So whoever it was, thank you.”

For Further Information: Karen Lee and Joseph Wenzel IV, “Christmas Angel pays for woman’s layaway gifts at Walmart in Torrington.” WFSB (Hartford, Connecticut). 12 December 2013


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