“I Can’t Even Put It Into Words How Thankful I Was”




 In December 2013, a man who wishes to remain anonymous donated  $25,000 to pay off approximately 100 layaway accounts at the Walmart in Bellefontaine, Ohio. Most likely, this was the same man who had donated $25,000 to pay off layaway accounts at the same Walmart the previous year. Kim Summers of Bellefontaine had paid $100 of her $272 bill and received a telephone call telling her that the rest of her bill had been paid and to come and pick up her layaway items: an iPod and a Barbie Horse Stable. She said, “It brings back the spirit of Christmas and makes people believe again. We have given food to our local pantry, and I have [a] friend in need that I have helped her out, too.” Stefanie Evans of De Graff, Ohio, and her family of eight children also benefited from the generosity of the layaway angel. She had just paid another $20 on the $200 remaining on her layaway account when she got called to customer service over the intercom. She said that she thought, “Oh Lord, what is it now?” After being told that her layaway account had been paid off, she was incredulous at first and then happy: “I can’t even put it into words how thankful I was. Eight kids come with eight long Christmas lists. It is a relief to be done with Christmas this soon because usually we go right up to the day.” She and her husband are both self-employed, but 2013 had been a rough year financially. Ms. Evans said, “This is a wonderful gift, and there is no word that expresses it for families like mine and others out there that we needed it.” Walmart store manager Jennifer Schumacher said, “Some of those customers, instead of just picking up their layaway, they actually paid on other people’s layaways.”

For Further Information: Brian Bondus, “Anonymous donation covers layaway accounts again.” Springfield News-Sun (Ohio). 17 December 2013


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