Nurses Rule!



Nurse Kiwi is an ontology nurse in pediatrics — she helps children who have cancer. This is a thank-you note that she received that made her really happy:

“Nurse Kiki,

“Thank you for making me feel pretty even though my hair fell out. You are one of my favorite nurses. You give good shots and never take too much blod. I barely have enough blod to give so that’s good for me. Thank you for being a nurse.


Redditors had some good comments, as usual: 1) Minizero commented, “Only two kinds of nurses ever scared me back when I was in med school: NICU [Neonatal Intensive Care Unit] nurses (because they basically run the NICU), and peds onc nurses. I was on my peds rotation in the winter and had the sniffles and some muscle aches. I went into the hospital and the charge RN [Registered Nurse] of the onc ward saw me as I walked in. We exchanged greetings, and as I was putting on my white coat she came by and asked, ‘Feeling under the weather?’ I said something like ‘a bit, but no big deal’. 5 minutes later she brought me a big cup of hot chocolate. It was so nice; I took a sip and thanked her. She said, ‘You’re very welcome … Now get the f[*]ck out of my unit before you infect one of my babies.’ Keep on being an excellent RN. Your work is incredibly hard and always appreciated.” 2) CharlieChuu commented, “My baby was NICU and then moved to peds CVICU [Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit] for heart surgery at 5 days old. I know it isn’t your digs but I appreciate what you do immensely. One of the nurses even decorated his incubator with his name and pretty stickers. It’s showed me how much they loved what they did and cared about my baby. He was a wee person and not a number. The feels.” 3) michelleisatwin commented, “My boyfriend was diagnosed with leukemia yesterday, he’s 20 years old. So far his nurses have been amazing. Nurses are some of the greatest, most caring people in the world.” NurseGeek responded, “Face masks are going to be your best friend. The nurses will seem like hard cases but we’re easy to crack. Make sure you stay healthy to be around him. If you are sick, you can’t be around him further into treatment [because] if you get him sick, it’s serious, very serious. His nurses will go over all of this with you. Good vibes and peace to you and your pookie bear.”

For Further Information: NurseGeek, “I am a pediatric oncology nurse and this made my day.” Imgur. 21 December 2013

For Further Information: NurseGeek, “I am a pediatric oncology nurse and this made my day.” Reddit. 21 December 2013

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