The Christmas Costume, Photos


Angela Clayton's Costumery & Creations

I’m really happy to finally be posting all these photos!

As soon as I started this costume I knew it would be somewhat holiday themed, and I wanted to photograph it in an area that matched. A tree farm seemed perfect but I wasn’t sure I would have it done on time, or be able to find one that didn’t have anything industrial in the background.

Luckily neither of these things were a problem, and we managed to find a tree farm willing to let us take photos. It was a nice day and the lighting was really lovely, so these pictures came out even better then I had expected they would.

My one peeve is that it was muddy, and I had to hike my skirts up as we walked through the lot, which resulted in the dress getting wrinkled! But other then that everything is like I imagined.

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