Avoiding Death by Dry Chicken Sandwich


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On 28 December 2013, ESPN’s Chris Fowler and Jesse Palmer were in the broadcast booth at Yankee Stadium in New York City reporting on the Pinstripe Bowl, in which Notre Dame defeated Rutgers 29-16. The most important action occurred at halftime, when Mr. Fowler began choking on a chicken sandwich. Mr. Palmer, a former NFL player, performed the Heimlich Maneuver on Mr. Fowler and saved his life. Mr. Fowler tweeted, “Never before needed a Heimlich at halftime. (Or any time)! thanks Jesse Palmer! He saved me from death by dry chicken sandwich. Really.” He also tweeted, “Not bad to have quick thinking, ex-NFL player around when Heimlich needed. I’ll take bruised ribs to avoid choking!”

For Further Information: Christ Greenberg, “ESPN’s Chris Fowler Says Jesse Palmer Saved His Life With Heimlich Maneuver At Pinstripe Bowl.” Huffington Post. 28 December 2013


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