“Dear God, Will You Please Take Special Care of Our Dog, Abbey?”

In August 2006, Abbey, the 14-year-old pet dog of the Scrivener family in San Antonio, Texas, died. Four-year-old Meredith was especially upset and wanted to write a letter to God to make sure that God would recognize Abbey when Abbey got to Heaven. Her mother, Joy, thought that a letter would be a good idea, so she wrote down the words that Meredith dictated:

“Dear God,

“Will you please take special care of our dog, Abbey? She died yesterday and is in heaven. We miss her very much. We are happy that you let us have her as our dog even though she got sick. I hope that you will play with her. She liked to play with balls and swim before she got sick. I am sending some pictures of her so that when you see her in heaven you will know she is our special dog. But I really do miss her.

Meredith Claire

“PS: Mommy wrote the words after Mer told them to her.”

The letter was addressed “God/Heaven,” and Meredith put several stamps on the envelope because Heaven is far away. The letter also included the Scriveners’ return address. In September, a package wrapped in gold paper appeared on the Scriveners’ front porch; it was addressed “To Meredith.” Inside was a copy of Mister Rogers’ book When a Pet Dies. Also inside were Meredith’s letter, the two photographs of Abbey, and this note:

“Dear Meredith,

“I know that you will be happy to know that Abbey arrived safely and soundly in Heaven! Having the pictures you sent to me was such a big help. I recognized Abbey right away.

“You know, Meredith, she isn’t sick anymore. Her spirit is here with me — just like she stays in your heart — young and running and playing. Abbey loved being your dog, you know.

“Since we don’t need our bodies in heaven, I don’t have any pockets! — So I can’t keep your beautiful letter. I am sending it to you with the pictures so that you will have this book to keep and remember Abbey.

“One of my angels is taking care of this for me. I hope the little book helps. Thank you for the beautiful letter. Thank your mother for sending it. What a wonderful mother you have! I picked her especially for you.

“I send my blessings every day and remember that I love you very much. By the way, I am in heaven but wherever there is love, I am there also.

God, and the special angel who wrote this after God told her the words.”

The urban legends website Snopes investigated this story, which is popular on the Internet, and discovered it to be TRUE. However, the emails containing this story sometimes contain a photograph of a little girl and a dog. The girl is not Meredith, and the dog is not Abbey. Also, the wording of the letters varies slightly from email to email. The person who wrote the original column is Cary Clack of the San Antonio Express-News. According to Snopes, the column was titled “Angel Mails Solace, Affirms a Girl’s Faith” and appeared in print on 22 October 2006. Mr. Clack wrote an update on the column on 21 March 2010 and told the readers to go to the Snopes website to read the letters. He has met the “angel” who wrote the letter from “Heaven” and sent the book, but he did not identify her in a column he wrote about her. Some of Mr. Clack’s columns, including “Angel Mails Solace, Affirms a Girl’s Faith,” have been collected in his book Clowns and Rats Scare Me.

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