“Thank You Dad for Being Whene I Need You the Most”


Source: johnr87410, “As a single male and unable to have children, I just completed an adoption of a 12yo. This is what he made for me.” Imgur. September 2013.


In September 2013, Redditor johnr87410 posted on Imgur a photograph of a card that his recently adopted 12-year-old son had made for him. This is the message on the card:

“Thank you Dad for being whene I need you the most. I am so happy that you were the one that was chosen out of all the people how wanted to adopt me. Your the best day in the world. Love Josiah.

“To: 1# Dad”

Redditor OrfinKing commented, “Wow … makes me get a little choked up. 12yo and adopted. That’s awesome. I never got adopted and so spent my whole life in foster care until I was considered a legal adult by the state of New York (18yo). You will have no idea how much you mean to that little boy.” He added in response to a question, “Things turned out well for me. I’m almost 30. I’m married to a beautiful girl. Her parents have become my parents (in that they treat me like the son they never had), and I’m happy. Life is good. Thanks for asking.”

On Reddit, johnr87410 wrote, “Yes his spelling and grammar sucks. He was severely neglected with education, his mom never made him go to school. He does have tutoring 3 times a week and is making huge progress. When he was first placed with me 8 months ago he could barely read and couldn’t even write. However he is does have a high verbal IQ and is quite articulate.”

He added, “Thank you so much for the encouraging words! We’re not perfect by any means and go through our issues, and he does have a tendency to test me but I am determined to pass his little tests and be the best dad that I can!”

For Further Information: johnr87410, “As a single male and unable to have children, I just completed an adoption of a 12yo. This is what he made for me.” Reddit. September 2013.


For Further Information: johnr87410, “I’am the single male that just completed the adoption of a 12yo. Due to several requests, here is my AMA [Asl Me Anything].” Reddit. September 2013.


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