“Did You Lose a Wallet?”

Captain Mike Muia, a 15-year veteran of New York Waterway, often does the good deed of returning items left behind on his ferryboat. He said, “Sometimes people don’t even know where they lost it, and so wouldn’t know to check lost and found.” Sometimes, he returns the lost item even before the owner is aware that it has been lost. On 17 December 2013, CBS Evening News Director Eric Shapiro and his wife Anne, a retired stockbroker, took Captain Muia’s ferry and then walked to their home in Weehawken, New Jersey. Mr. Shapiro said, “I was watching the news when there was a knock at my door. It must have been 12:30. The ferry captain asked, ‘Did you lose a wallet?’ It was my wife’s wallet. We didn’t even realize it was missing.” Mr. Muria said, “I’ve done this a few times when I find a wallet or a cell phone. Deckhand Nestor Martinez found the wallet. I looked at her driver’s license and saw the address and figured it was worth a shot. It’s more convenient than the customer coming in to lost and found.” Fortunately, he was able to deliver the wallet. He said, “I noticed they lived close. So I stopped there on my way home.” He added, “If it’s a wallet, then I look for an address. If I can’t deliver it, I mail it.” New York Waterway President & Founder Arthur E. Imperatore said, “Captain Mike Muia performed once again in the highest traditions of customer service which we emphasize at NY Waterway.” Mr. Muia said, “Mr. Imperatore taught us well.” 

For Further Information: Al Sullivan, “More than lost and found Ferry boat captain returns lost items personally.” Hudson Reporter.com (Hudson County, New Jersey). 2 February 2014


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