“As Much as It was a Nightmare, It Became One of the Best Things that Have Ever Happened to Me”

On 2 January 2014, Kit Thomas paid his annual visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Hawaii. Unfortunately, he lost his wallet, which contained $600 in cash and almost all his ID cards and credit cards. He retraced his steps but was not able to find it. Fortunately, he still had his passport, so he was able to fly home. Also fortunately, when the snow melted, an anonymous woman found his wallet and turned it in to South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) passenger-services representative Joanne Ashley at 30th Street Station, who found an AAA membership card. AAA left Mr. Thomas a voice mail saying that his wallet had been found. When Mr. Thomas got his wallet back, it was still wet — and all the money, ID cards, and credit cards were still inside. Maureen Daly, a SEPTA passenger-services representative, said, “It’s just a great Philadelphia story. It really is. In my job, I have this great opportunity to meet so many people from out of town and a lot of times people are surprised at how wonderful we are here. So to have someone who lives in Hawaii lose his wallet and then through a series of all these good people have it turn up with all his cash, with everything, it’s amazing.” Mr. Thomas said, “I can’t tell you what a complete miracle it was. As much as it was a nightmare, it became one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I was the very, very lucky beneficiary of good Samaritans who resisted the ‘finders keepers’ temptation.”

For Further Information: Helen Ubinas, “Found wallet restores faith in humanity.” Philadelphia Daily News (Pennsylvania). 31 January 2004


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