“This Column is Not an Advertisement for Chipotle. but Heck, if You’re Hungry After Reading It, Go Get Yourself a Big Ol’ Burrito”

In early January 2014, Derrick Knutson lost his wallet at a Chipotle restaurant in Blaine, Minnesota — something he discovered after driving away with “a burrito the size of a newborn polar bear.” He returned to the restaurant’s parking lot, looked under approximately a dozen cars and then checked inside to see if a wallet had been turned in. None had. In a column for The EMC Post Review (Cambridge, Minnesota), Mr. Knutson wrote, “I had thoughts of some uncouth charlatan — I’ve always wanted to use ‘charlatan’ in a news story or column — going on a spending spree with my plastic, buying such extravagant items as a Ginsu knife set from the nearby Gander Mountain or cleaning out an area grocery store of its supply of Teddy Grams.” Fortunately, a woman approached him in the parking lot and asked, “Derrick?” She had found his wallet outside the restaurant, searched for ID, and left a voice mail for him saying that she had found his wallet. She had also waited in the parking lot in case he returned. Mr. Knutson wrote, “I offered her some cash for her good deed, but she told me to keep my money. There are quite a few bad people out there who would have just taken my wallet, spent the cash, and racked up a bunch of charges on my cards, but this woman was not of that ilk. She said, ‘Bless you’ to me, and I returned her blessing in kind.” By the way, this is an editor’s note that accompanied the column, in which Mr. Knutson wrote, “After paying for the hefty meal, I excitedly scampered to my car with it in a takeout bag and set off for home, thinking of how good it would taste when I finally sunk my teeth into the tortilla-wrapped concoction of rice, spiced chicken, salsa, cheese, sour cream and guacamole”: “This column is not an advertisement for Chipotle. But heck, if you’re hungry after reading it, go get yourself a big ol’ burrito.”

For Further Information: Derrick Knutson, “A burrito, a lost wallet and a Good Samaritan.” The EMC Post Review (Cambridge, Minnesota). 15 January 2014


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