Good Guy Charmin


Source: lousyg, “Good Guy Charmin.” Imgur. 9 February 2014

On 9 February 2014, lousyg posted on Imgur a Good Guy Greg meme with this caption: “Good Guy Charmin.” The meme stated, “GOOD GUY CHARMIN / BUYS 60 SECOND COMMERCIAL SLOT WITH COUNTDOWN TIMER TO GIVE YOU A RESTROOM BREAK WHILE WATCHING THE OLYMPICS.” This confused some Redditors in the United Kingdom who watch sporting events with no commercial interruptions, so lousyg explained, “Commercial lengths vary anywhere from 15-60 seconds. The number of commercials in a break, especially during sporting events, can also vary greatly as they depend on the timing of the event. There may be some breaks where you see only 2 commercials and then others where you see as many as 8 or 9. Because of this, you never truly know how long until the commercial break ends and the event resumes.

“Charmin purchasing a 60-second time slot and putting a countdown on the screen is neat. This is guaranteed time that you know you can get up and do something else for a minute without missing any of the events. Of course, this doesn’t really matter if you have a DVR.”

 For More Information: lousyg, “Good Guy Charmin.” Reddit. 9 February 2014

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