“Have You Ever Saved Anyone’s Life? What Happened?”

On 10 February 2014, coffee_straw_tight  asked on Reddit, “Have you ever saved anyone’s life? What happened?”

Here are some replies:

1) Clurrrrrr wrote, “I was working as a waitress at a hookah bar at the time and didn’t get off work until 2am most nights. I was in college housing, so it was normal to see tons of drunk idiots walking around on the weekends. As I pulled into my parking lot, I noticed a guy lying between the curb and a parked car. I pulled into a spot and ran over to the guy to check on him. He was slurring his words and was clearly VERY intoxicated. I helped him up and asked where he lived and he couldn’t tell me. I sat with him on the curb then grabbed his phone and called the last number on his call log. Fail … just a random broad he met a few hours earlier. The second number was his sister who then called his parents who then called me. They thankfully lived in town and showed up 5 minutes later to take him to the hospital. The mother jumped out of the car and said, “What is your name?” I told her and then she hugged me and said I was her son’s guardian angel. I smiled and they left and I figured that was the end of that. The next morning I got a call from his mother who said her son was fine but had severe alcohol poisoning. She said that they moved to the town to get in-state tuition for their son because they were very poor but that he was on a scholarship that would have been taken away if he had been found by the police and that he could have easily died if he was never found. She thanked me a million times. She drove to my work a week later and gave me a 5 dollar giftcard to Starbucks where she worked. The guy I saved messaged me on Facebook a year later and thanked me for what I did and that he stopped drinking after that night. He said he was MORTIFIED which is why it took him so long to reach out to me.”

2) RileySays wrote, “When I was a young teenager, my best friend and I were camping at the beach and we decided to play in the ocean even though the adults told us not to go in the water without supervision. We noticed after a while that we were getting pulled away from the beach and we started to swim back in. It was such an effort, but I eventually made it to shore only to turn around and see my friend far out in the water still. I was exhausted, but I swam back out to her. She was a really skinny kid, and I knew she wasn’t going to be able to make it back alone. I grabbed her hand and held on as tight as I could and just kept telling her to kick. We were scared to death and crying, but we made it back to shore. We lay on the beach for half an hour holding each other and crying our eyes out. It was probably the most scared I have ever been.”

Pics-or-didnt-happen commented, “FYI to anyone stuck in a rip current: […] Even if you’re getting pulled out farther, swim on an angle towards shore. Most rip currents are highly localized.”

3) RunsLikeAGirl wrote, “I was out running through a neighborhood and all of a sudden, I see a little toddler gleefully riding his little ride-on toy down his driveway. There was a little bit of a slope to the driveway, so he was going pretty fast. I saw that he was about to ride right out into the street, into the direct path of an incoming car.

“Superhero speed kicked in, and I sprinted and grabbed his ride-on and stopped him just as he was about to be squished. There is no way that oncoming car would have been able to stop in time.

“It was really just a case of me being in the right place at the right time.”

4) krdunning wrote, “My boyfriend and I were backpacking in Laos and we saved a young Danish girl from drowning in a river.

“The popular thing to do in Vang Vieng is to rent an inner tube and float down the river, doing a sort of ‘river pub crawl’ and stopping at a few bars along the way. It’s a lot of fun, as long as you don’t drink too much or have any of the ridiculously strong plastic buckets filled with rum.

“We were floating down the river when we saw this girl floating there alone slumping in the tube and completely unconscious. She was so drunk she […] couldn’t even speak. She was in danger of sinking right down through the tube and under the water.

“We pulled her up out of the water and floated her down the river until we found her friends — who totally didn’t care and hadn’t even noticed she was missing. Nice friends, eh? We didn’t let them out of our sight until she was conscious and we saw her walk away safe and sound on dry land.”

For Further Information: coffee_straw_tight, “Have you ever saved anyone’s life? What happened?” Reddit. 10 February 2014


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