Thank You, Kind Stranger(s)


Source: The Treelo, “Thank you, kind stranger.” LiveMeme. 13 February 2014

Small good deeds are still good deeds, and common courtesy is still courtesy. On 13 February 2014, Redditor posted a Good Guy Greg meme with this caption: “Thank you, kind stranger.” The text of the meme stated, “SEES YOU HAVE ONLY ONE ITEM BEHIND HIM / LETS YOU CHECK OUT BEFORE HIM BECAUSE HIS CART IS FULL.” Redditor TimeTravelingGoat wrote about a similar but more impressive good deed: “A kind old couple were already checking out with 2 carts full of items and they offered to buy my pistachios so I can go on my way. (Was 11pm and we were the last customers in the store.) They didn’t even take my money for them.”

For Further Information: The Treelo, “Thank you, kind stranger.” Reddit. 13 February 2014

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