$2,800: Lost, Found, and Returned

In December 2013, Erica Clark of Dilworth, Minnesota, found $2,800 in $100 bills outside of McDonald’s in Moorhead, Minnesota. She turned in the money and a bank slip to the police in Moorhead, and they found its rightful owner. Ms. Clark said, “I’ve always been the kind of person who’s honest, and I knew if I was in that situation I’d be freaking out, and it was the right thing to do. I knew I’d be very thankful if someone did that for me.” The man whose money it was expressed gratitude for the return of the money. Ms. Clark is a first-year elementary education major at Minnesota State University in Moorhead. In February 2014, she won its Ethical Citizen Award. Many people have sent her letters, including people who have used her good deed to teach their children ethics.

For Further Information: “MSUM student still getting recognized for her good deed in December.” WDAY (Fargo, North Dakota). 25 February 2014


For Further Information: “College student turns in money she finds in McDonald’s parking lot.” WDAY (Fargo, North Dakota). 10 December 2013


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