“In This Day and Age, $50 is a Lot of Money. It’s a Tank of Gas. We Had to Take It Back to Her”

In February 2014, Josh Kerns, a sanitation worker in Medina County, Ohio, saw an unopened card addressed to Lucy Hamer while at work, and he “thought it looked important,” so he held on to it. After work, he opened the card and found $50 inside. The card was a birthday card from Ms. Hamer’s sister-in-law; Ms. Hamer had thrown it away without realizing it. It had come in a box of presents for her son, and she had not realized that it was there. Mr. Kerns said, “In this day and age, $50 is a lot of money. It’s a tank of gas. We had to take it back to her.” Mr. Kerns and his supervisor returned the card and money to Ms. Hamer, who said, “She [her sister-in-law] would have been wondering why I didn’t thank her for the card, and I might have been wondering why she didn’t send one. It could have been awkward.”

For Further Information: Genevieve Shaw Brown, “Sanitation Worker Delivers Discarded Birthday Gift.” Yahoo News. 27 February 2014


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