Costco: Best Store Ever


Source: natethegrate1990, “Costco is literally the best store ever.” Imgur. 4 March 2014

On 4 March 2014, Redditor natethegrate1990 posted on Imgur a Good Guy Greg meme with the caption “Costco is literally the best store ever.” The text of the meme stated, “SEES THE ITEM WENT ON SALE A MONTH AFTER I BOUGHT IT / REFUNDS ME 300 DOLLARS IN CASH TO MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE.” On Reddit, natethegrate1990 explained, “To those who were wondering [this is] the story: the product was wood flooring I had already installed — I went to return the unused boxes of laminate and the clerk urged me to go to the original store and request a refund for the difference. I had never heard of this type of customer service before, so I thought it worthy of a GGG. Lots of you have informed me that this is pretty standard procedure. That’s why I love you all!”

cactuscool commented, “Got my wife’s engagement ring there. My wife’s mom passed away due to cancer but before she did, my wife and her looked at rings at Costco. They both liked a ring and my wife (then girlfriend) sent a photo to me by mistake in a text saying she loves it. I kept the photo and a year later went to Costco. The ring was gone. Heartbroken, I asked the manager there if he could track it down by a photo with a barely visible tag. After a month of searching, he found there were only two left. He had one overnighted (free) to my location. It was the exact same type and cut. I’ll never not be a Costco member.”

Cyclopath commented, “I bought tires there three or so years ago. This winter I got a flat and took it in to get it patched up. Turns out the tire was ruined. It was under warranty, but they didn’t carry the same model anymore. And you can’t throw new, different-model tires in with the other three tires on an all-wheel-drive vehicle. So, they replaced all four tires with different, better tires for the $35 difference in price in the one old tire that needed to be replaced and the new tire. Four new tires for $35. And they didn’t have my size on hand, so they rush ordered them for the next day at no additional charge.”

Source: natethegrate1990, “Costco is literally the best store ever.” Reddit. 4 March 2014

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