“I was Driving Through Your Neighborhood and Everything Looked Good! I Wanted to Drop You a Note to Let You Know All is Well!”


Source: Edmond Police Department, “How cool is this?” Facebook. 6 March 2014


On 4 March 2014, Lieutenant Paul Barbour of the Edmond, Oklahoma, Police Department, did a remarkable good deed. The department’s Facebook page stated, “How cool is this? One of our Lieutenants, Paul Barbour, heard that the children of a family friend were having trouble sleeping at night. They were scared and would worry all night long. He left this note taped to their front door. He definitely didn’t do it thinking it would be posted on FB, but we think it’s too special not to post.”

The scared children are sisters Aubrey, age 11, and Ava, age 9. Their mother’s name is Kaycie.

This is Lieutenant Paul Barbour’s note:

“Hello Ava and Aubrey,

“This is Lt. Paul Barbour from Edmond P.D. I work the night shift and patrol neighborhoods and look for criminal activity. We do this so people can sleep and [sic] night and not worry about their safety.

“I was driving through your neighborhood and everything looked good! I wanted to drop you a note to let you know all is well!”

“Take Care,

“Paul Barbour”

For Further Information: Edmond Police Department, “How cool is this?” Facebook. 6 March 2014


For Further Information: “Edmond Officer Leaves Note To Let Kids Know They’re Safe.” News9 (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma). 6 March 2014


For Further Information: “Kind police officer writes reassuring note to scared sisters.” Metro (UK). 8 March 2014


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