“Today, I Felt Better Than I Ever Imagined I Thought I Would Feel in a Hospital”

In March 2014 a drunk driver killed two people and injured 22 others in Austin, Texas. Mason Endres, age 18, and her friends had been attending music shows of the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival when she was hit by the drunk driver’s car. Grace Neill, age 18, a friend of Mason’s, said, “We couldn’t move before it just mowed us down.” She was badly bruised after being knocked to the curb. Mason suffered a broken nose, a broken leg, and a fractured neck. Her father, Dan Endres, was nearby when Mason’s friends called him about the wreck. He said, “I pulled up to the intersection, and it was chaos. I couldn’t find her. There was just too much going on.” She ended up at St. David’s Medical Center. A rod needed to be placed in her leg, and she had an operation to repair a blocked artery in her other leg. Her father said, “It’s been quite a roller coaster. She’s going to be fine. There are some people out there that are not as lucky as us.” Mason, who was in good spirits, was upset about not getting to see a favorite band, Jared & The Mill, an indie folk band from Phoenix, Arizona, perform at SXSW. She became friends with members of the band at the previous year’s SXSW and has used social media to stay in touch with them. In fact, just minutes before being hit by the drunk driver, she had been talking with two members of the band. Mason, a senior at Liberty Hill High School, said, “I consider myself to have a pretty decent ear for music because that is what I want to do with my future, so if they were able to draw me in and keep me, then that’s a big deal.” On 15 March 2014, Jared & The Mill performed a concert for her in her hospital room. Her father said, “She was on monitors when we told her that Jared was coming, and her heart rate jumped way up.  We all burst out laughing because that was a good thing to see her smile.” After the private concert, Mason said, “I think the pure excitement of everything has gotten me through today. Today, I felt better than I ever imagined I thought I would feel in a hospital.”

For Further Information: Esther Robards-Forbes, “Injured SXSW fan gets private concert in hospital.” American-Statesman (Austin, Texas). 15 March 2014


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