Homeless Hero Thought He Could Help, So He Did

On 6 March 2014, creynol9, blogger of That’s So Denver, wrote about a story that her sister had told her. At a corner of Colorado Boulevard, which has four lanes on each side of the median, in Denver, Colorado, an approximately 35-year-old homeless man asks for spare change. One day, a woman had a seizure and passed out while driving her car on Colorado Boulevard. Her car started drifting across three lanes of traffic and headed for the median. The homeless man took action, running to the car and knocking on the window. Unfortunately, the driver could not respond. The homeless man then ran across the median and motioned for cars, which were traveling about 35 mph, to stop. He and several other people, including Carly’s sister, were able to stop the car after it crossed the median and went across another four lanes of traffic but before it hit an office building. Carly’s sister wrote, “Here is a man who most likely spends every day getting ignored by people who are trying not to make eye contact with him so that they don’t feel bad not giving him money. Yet he didn’t even hesitate to risk his life to save this lady and at least 20 others who would have crashed into her. He didn’t expect anything from her and he was back on his corner the next day holding up his sign like nothing had happened. I rolled down my window the next day to praise him and all he had to say was that he thought he could help, so he did.”

For Further Information: creynol9, “Day #39: Unexpected Heroes.” That’s So DenverWordPress. 6 March 2014


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